3 Home Appliances That Could Put Your Life at Risk (If Not Maintained Properly)

Modern kitchen in luxury house.Homes are now filled with a set of electronic devices and appliances, which provide convenience and entertainment. Each one of them serves a variety of purposes to make your life easier and more comfortable. This, however, doesn’t automatically mean that they are safe from possible breakdowns or problems. As you may know, maintenance is key to keeping them in good condition.

All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. suggests that you don’t forego professional appliance service in Utah; otherwise, the following devices may cause trouble and put your life at risk.

Washer and Dryer

It may not show, but a rigorous spin cycle may often leave your washing machine with loose and missing screws. It may not be visible during the first few turns but as time passes by, this could result in higher energy cost and failure in your system’s overall operation. What’s even worse is when left as it is, this may cause damage to property, as well as start a fire.

Stove and Cooking Range

With continued use, problems may slowly creep up into your cooking range. While it is easy to tell whether there’s something wrong with your stove, many homeowners shrug off these warning signs during the early stages. Unfortunately, these often turn to bigger problems that could involve structural fire, injuries, or fatalities.


Your fridge might be the biggest, but it is also the most ignored home appliance. Many people simply set aside the importance of regular inspection because they think that as long as its running and cold inside, nothing’s wrong. However, what they fail to understand is minor issues could often lead to serious problems such as leaking defrost drain or poor cooling ability.

Don’t let any of your electronics or devices at home bother you any further. Have your appliances serviced regularly and perform inspection and checks on all your devices to address the issue before it worsens.