3 Types of Creative Embossing Techniques Used in Printing

Commercial Printing SolutionThere are various finishing techniques used for commercial prints nowadays. One of the most popular for customizing prints and enhancing their aesthetic appeal is embossing. Embossing refers to a procedure which uses a die to transfer letters, patterns, and designs to your prints under high pressure.

The plates pressed on your paper raise your desired design from the surface and add a new dimension to your final print. Depending on your needs and paper stock, there are different types of embossing printing companies in Australia, like Woolston Printing, might recommend. Here are some of them:

Blind Embossing

This technique is also called self or same-colouring embossing.  Blind embossing neither uses foils nor inks to create your final design but only uses the embossing process. It is typically used on textured paper and provides a perfect contrast to the textured area which further draws attention to the design.

Tint Leaf Embossing

This is also called pastel embossing. This is among the latest embossing techniques, and it uses pearl and pastel foils. The pastel and pearl foils are transparent while the tint embossing is applied on white paper stock.

Polished Embossing

This is a common embossing technique used on dark paper stock. The heat and pressure used in the process are considerably increased when the die is pressed. This increased pressure adds a shine to your embossed design and results in a glazed appearance. If a very high temperature is used on light-coloured paper, it results in a scorched look which can create exceptional contrasts with the glazed area.

The above embossing techniques are guaranteed to transform your print from bland, lifeless ones into artistic products. The embossed prints will also engage all your clients’ senses and generate a craving for your products in the customer. Embossing can be used on all business prints but is generally used for business, holiday and invitation cards, gift certificates and office stationery.