4 Essentials For an Authentic Rodeo Lifestyle

Cowboy holding his hatRanchers have long ceased to monopolize the quintessential rodeo or Western lifestyle. Today, anyone with grit and savvy can take part in the exciting world of rodeo.

But before you follow the steps on becoming a true-blue cowboy or cowgirl, you must put to heart this lifestyle’s specific aesthetic.

Here are four essentials to get you started:

Rodeo Fashion

It only takes a few minutes of scrolling through Pinterest images to get a hang of what constitutes rodeo or Western fashion. As for the basics, you can start by stocking up on flannel and plaid button-down shirts. Heavy-duty jeans accentuated with wide belt buckles are also a must. A.A. Callister recommends topping it all up with straw cowboy hats for girls or boys, as well as a pair of ever-dependable bull-riding boots.

Pop Culture Paraphernalia

Country music is the genre of choice for rodeo aficionados. To be welcomed into the fold without any hint of suspicion from its gatekeepers, you must know your Chris Stapleton from your Marty Stuart. The good thing is there are many country music festivals you could dive into for the purpose of providing a sonic match to your chosen lifestyle.

In terms of movies, you can start acquiring Blu-ray copies of Western movies starring John Wayne.

Western Home Décor

What better way to feel like an authentic cowboy and cowgirl than coming home to a rodeo-inspired house. Paint your abode with earthy tones to capture the ruggedness of the wilderness. Throw some faux-pelt rugs and animal-inspired artwork into the mix and create your own rodeo paradise.

Animal Training Equipment and Care Supplies

A rodeo lifestyle is not complete without you having a four-legged pet bigger than a dog or a cat. Or at least that’s the ideal. This could prove to be a roadblock suppose you live in the midst of a big city. But cowboys and cowgirls are known for their unwavering spirit, so you’ll surely find a way to get past this minor difficulty.

The rodeo lifestyle is interesting, but it requires commitment. If you’re up for its highs and lows, you can have a good start.