4 Tips to Keep Your Garage Secure

A Garage DoorThe safety of your car, equipment and lots of other valuables depend on the security of your garage. Here’s a fact: The garage is one area most vulnerable to theft. Here are tips to keep your valuables from getting stolen.

Keep the Garage Door Closed and Locked.

This sounds obvious, but even O’Brien Garage Doors, West Chester’s top garage door repair service provider, will tell you that the number of homeowners who neglect this simple security measure is astounding. What’s the point of investing in an expensive garage door if you are going to leave it open and compromise safety? Yes, even when someone is always home, you should be sure to close and lock the doors.

Ensure Garage Lighting Is Sufficient.

Burglars are wary of breaking into a well-lit home. They know they are more visible as they attempt to break in. Make sure there are enough light fixtures near all doors and around the windows. You could also invest in motion-detecting lights that will automatically turn on when an intruder is nearby.

Upgrade Your Door.

With time, your garage door will deteriorate. When this happens, it becomes easy to break into the garage. To prevent this, ensure the door is the first thing you deal with whenever you hire repair services. Check latches, hinges, bolts, and the door frame. Fix any loose or broken parts promptly.

Keep Garage Windows Covered.

With curtains over your garage windows, people outside won’t see what valuables you have in the garage. You can use simple materials, no need to splurge. For example, fabrics or plastic sheets don’t block light into the garage, but they hide what’s inside from plain sight.

The level of security in your garage is directly proportional to the safety of your belongings as well as your family. To prevent any break-ins, do your best to install security features.