5 Reasons Coreflute Sheets are Perfect for Your Signage

Restaurant signageYour signage provides your clients with their first visual impression of what your business is all about the minute they step into your establishment – so they better look good! Whether you hang, glue, fold, stand, or let your customers handle your ads, prints, or logo, quality is key.

Corrugated plastics or coreflute sheets make for superb professional signs, and here is why.

They are cost-efficient

A coreflute sheet is cheaper than a metal-framed sign or other alternatives that use heavier material. You can readily print over these, eliminating the need for separate materials for printing and adhesives.

Coreflute sheets are durable and long lasting

Made from polypropylene, this material ensures that your signs are dust-resistant and will not disintegrate under extreme weather conditions, making it perfect for your outdoor installations. Whether it is a hundred degrees outside or raining like there is no tomorrow, you will not have to worry about ruined signage.

They are very lightweight

These rot-free sheets are easy to handle, transport, and convert, and can effortlessly be used for some displays and functions.

So if you need ads and wall postings that need moving around, or have durable prints that your customers can flip through or handle such as menus or catalogues, coreflute sheets are perfect for these applications.

The material is non-toxic

It is essential that your materials are safe to handle and will not leak or bleed any harmful chemicals. Coreflute sheets are very hygienic and will not react to most chemicals upon contact, which makes it ideal for packaging and shelter reinforcement.

Also, polypropylene is 100% recyclable and used for a variety of other purposes. You can choose to reprint over your old design or convert it into a lightweight yet durable stand for your new signs or displays.

It is also an option to donate them to gardening groups who can transform them into seedling protectors or tree guards. Recycling centres also welcome coreflute sheets—check your local listings for the nearest one.