A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Spot for Your Water Well

Old water well with pulley and bucketChoosing to drill a well on your property is a brilliant way of ensuring a constant supply of water. Even so, your chances of being successful in the investment and generating adequate and consistent access to water within your site will depend on the spot you choose. The experts at Carlyle Drilling know that water can be elusive, and there are many things to consider before you drill for water. That said, below are four tips on choosing a great location for your water well.

1. Assess Environmental Factors

Wells should provide safe water for use. Avoid possible contaminants such as sewage tanks, pastures, and roads. A position uphill from groundwater is also ideal to prevent contamination. Groundwater will flow away from your reservoir, preventing contamination of your water.

2. Determine Groundwater Flow Direction

Establish the groundwater flow before attempts to drill a well begin. Again, run tests to make sure you make no mistakes. Placing the well uphill from groundwater can also protect your well from potential damage from flooding.

3. Choose Your Depth

Have an idea of how deep you will have to drill to access water. Knowing about nearby wells and their depths may also help. A building code may also indicate a minimum depth for wells. Depth can also dictate the type of well that is best suited for your location.

Many of these factors may be confusing and difficult to figure out for regular citizens. Seeking help from professionals is highly recommended, considering the many other factors involved in choosing a site for a well.