An Off Day Affair: Locum Tenens is Perfect for Your Schedule

Male and Female DoctorsIs this you: a physician interested in part-time hours, not ready for the commitment of a full-time job, but passionate in caring for others?

A part-time physician is not a common concept for most people, but if you know the term locum tenens, you know there is such a job.

From the Latin phrase that literally means “to hold the place of,” locum tenens physicians are those who temporarily fill in during staffing shortages. According to Interim Physicians, provider of locum tenens job and staffing solutions, these physicians serve as the temporary gap while hospitals and healthcare providers look for a replacement.

The flexibility of the job makes it a convenient option for part-time physicians. But how can you manage locum tenens work during the off days?

Go Travel

If locum tenens is your way out of burnout, you should travel more. The occupation’s new professional environment revitalizes your love of medicine. For example, if the recruiter places you in a hospital with an ideal location, take advantage of the scenery. Explore the area to heighten your spirits.

The flexible schedule of locum tenens eases you into the job until you can travel. You are also free to cut back on hours and still be financially secure.

Manage Your Debts

The extra income you earn may pay off debts. Whether it’s a student loan or funds for your new practice, locum tenens provides a new income stream (this increases or decreases, depending on your availability).

Sharpen Your Skills

Similar to contract physical therapists or travel nurses, locum tenens physicians encounter multiple “try it first” scenarios before they settle in a permanent healthcare center. Within the different settings, they can also sharpen their skills according to the changing environment.

Locum tenens can pave the way to countless opportunities. Make the most of your off days by entering this flexible professional arrangement with a good strategy.