Beyond Being a Chef: Other Food Industry Careers

Chef holding a plateWhen someone says that his or her line of work is in the food industry, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is a chef, a cook, or a restaurant owner. However, food is a huge industry that there are dozens of careers you can have in line with it. You can be working on data or doing experiments on mushrooms and still be in the food industry business.

The bottom line is the industry is so huge and diverse that there are unique career paths one can pursue in the food business. Interested to know more about careers in the food industry? shares some of the unique ones.

Food technologist

Although their job description might be more inclined in the field of science and technology, food scientists work closely with food, or things that make food. It has various branches in itself that involves research, food processing as well as determining the nutritional content of products, among others. A degree in the said field is required to be in the line of work.

Food lawyer

A food lawyer will not defend the rights of a pizza and why pineapple should not be on it. Rather, a food lawyer deals with rights of food manufacturers, health and safety concerns of certain food products, as well as issues concerning about food supplements and allergies, among others.

Molecular gastronomist

Wasabi ice cream and cigar smoke ice cream, anyone? If you haven’t heard it, it might make you cringe. But these are just some of the experimental food combinations that have hit the market and stayed, thanks to molecular gastronomy. This field uses physics and chemistry to produce new types food using a variety of unconventional ingredients.

Food forager

A forager is someone who finds things in the forest. A food forager is someone who finds food everywhere. A chef does not have time to go to busy shopping areas and barely known local places to see a new variety of food. So, a food forager is there on their behalf.

Longing to have a career in the food industry but do not know where to start? Maybe these unique jobs can help you set a path.