Build a Better Future in Glendale, Arizona

Upscale home in ArizonaPeople are leaving California by the millions — and Glendale, Arizona, is one of the places people flock into to build a better life.

Better and Safer Schools

Glendale has several excellent charter schools, both for elementary and high school. Glendale is also home to acclaimed institutes of higher learning, including the e-Institute.

The state has also prioritized the issue of security in Glendale high schools. Each of the nine high schools in Glendale has the protection of a full-time police officer, as well as other various systems in place to protect the welfare of students.

Lower Income Tax and Property Rates

The income tax in Glendale is 25% lower than the average income tax in the US — and about 50% lower compared with California. Small businesses also afford less taxation and more importantly — state control.

Unlike in California, the state holds little power and interest in controlling how you run your business. The median cost of housing in Glendale is also a third of that of California. Combined with the lower income taxes, acquiring your own property in Glendale is definitely an easier undertaking.

Lower Cost of Living

Across the board, Glendale has a lower cost of living compared with the US average. Groceries are less expensive, and housing is more affordable — whether you are renting or planning to buy your own.

The cost of utilities and transportation also fall below the national average — and by almost 10% with regards to transportation. The cost of healthcare remains low, and the state is continually striving to improve the services they provide.

Glendale is a great place to start building a new life. Opportunities abound, and lower taxes and cost of living give you a greater amount of freedom to shape your future.