Consider a Double-sided Fireplace For Your Home

A FireplaceA fireplace would instantly stand out regardless of which room in your home you place it, but more so if it is double-sided or two-sided. Comfort Solutions encourages homeowners to explore the following double-sided fireplace design and style ideas to help you build a double-sided fireplace that would look perfect in your home.

To Divide a Room

A double-sided fireplace could serve as a peninsula or partial wall for separating spaces and defining their use. It is particularly efficient in a long living room where it can look cold and stark without some divider. If you have neutral floors and walls, consider a dark fireplace surround to offer dramatic contrast.

To Serve as a Room’s Focal Point

It is relatively easy to make a double-sided fireplace the focal point in a room, considering that it is designed well and blends in with your home’s aesthetic. For instance, if you are into the organic, contemporary, and industrial look, consider a concrete fireplace that helps highlight your home’s design aesthetic and define spaces with flair.

Not Just for the Inside but the Outside Too

Consider two retractable glass doors as walls with a looming two-sided fireplace in between to connect your indoor living area to your outdoor bar or patio. It could also help in lending warmth and subtle division to make both the connected indoor and outdoor spaces feel and look more grounded.

To Heat Up Not One, But Two Different Rooms

A double-sided fireplace is more cost effective to build than two separate ones since it would only require one chimney and flue, explains a top fireplace builder in Salt Lake City. You could use it in between your kitchen and dining area, your master bedroom and adjoining luxury master bath, or between your family room and living area.