Decorative Gutter Accessories: What are Your Options?

GutterGutters are without a doubt an integral part of all properties. All property owners want to reap the protection gutters provide against water damage but are skeptical that they will affect the overall look of their buildings. This, however, need not be the case for your property.

There are now several accessories that can be included by your rain gutter installer in Wisconsin to enhance the look of your gutters. These are guaranteed to transform your gutters into works of art. Here are some of these accessories.

Decorative Leader Heads

A leader head is installed to channel rainwater from your rooftop into an underground drainage system. You can now get decorative leader heads in shiny copper rather than the conventional dull aluminum. Apart from the material change, decorative leader heads feature different accent pieces to complement various individual styles and homes.

Rain Chains

These serve as a decorative alternative to downspouts. They can blend into various home decors and still direct rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Rain chains come in different materials, and your choice will primarily depend on the weather pattern of your surroundings. Coastal areas for instance work with stainless steel which is rust and corrosion resistant.

Downspout Bands

If rain chains do not appeal to you, this does not automatically mean you have to settle for the conventional boring installation of downspouts. There are now ornate downspout bands that can be used to fasten your downspout to the roof or fascia. These maintain the functionality of the gutters while enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

Most people are stuck with ugly looking gutters since they lack knowledge of the existence of the above accessories. You can hence be a pacesetter in your area by including them in your rain gutters’ installation. Their expert installation is vital to ensure they do not interfere with your overall gutter functioning.