Design Consistency in Municipal Holiday Lighting

Christmas LightsLighting up the community during the holiday season is an exciting job. Each city is unique with its own history and character. It is, therefore, important to highlight such differences when decorating for the holidays.
Municipal holiday lighting and decorations help define the community and create a festive atmosphere. A centralized design for lighting and decorations can also help the city define how it celebrates the holidays.

Consistency and Pervasiveness

For most municipalities, the idea behind lighting and decoration is to have a consistent look and feel about the city. The city has a central idea, which is followed throughout the design. This includes lights on trees, light poles, storefronts, and others. These may include running lights and fairy lights wrapped around trees. These can also be colorful decorative lights for different design items.
Bluish white LED lights might be running down from trees, while light green or white light LEDs would be running up poles and fences. Tree canopies might also have a different color. This scheme flows throughout the city. This can also be useful in lighting up an outdoor skating rink.

Creating a Traditional Feel

The effect on the visitor is a constant reminder that they are within the city limits. Other festive occasions, including the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Halloween, or even Foundation Day, can have their own theme or motif as well. This can be like creating a tradition in the same vein as Macy’s parade or the Parade of Roses.
Even if it is not yet a tradition, it can be an instant tradition soon. The residents would be in an early festive mood and visitors would be bringing home the distinctive feel of the municipality’s lighting design.
It does need an outstanding design, one which overflows with uniqueness, style, and personality. What is important is that the city is transformed and dressed up for the season. It is dressing up for an occasion and sets the mood for the city and its residents.