Easy-to-Follow Steps in Cleaning Your Tankless Water Heater

a water tankYour tankless water heater can collect natural minerals over time. These minerals tend to build up and later on erode the inner walls of your tank’s heating container. Leaving it untreated may cause expensive repairs in the future.

To maintain your water heater properly, getting help from experts in Utah such as whippleplumbing.com is a great option.

But you can also follow some easy maintenance steps to ensure that it’s working properly.

Turn off your water heater’s power source

You may do it by shutting off the circuit breaker or shutting off the house’s main gas. Doing so can prevent any accidents from occurring.

Switch off the water valves connected to your water heater

Closing the water valves will prevent the cold water from running into your water heater and stop hot water from getting out while you’re cleaning it. Most cold water valves are colored blue, while hot water valves are usually red.

Slowly lift the purge port valve caps

These purge valves usually resemble a “T.” Doing this can help reduce any pressure inside the water heater valves and also prevent any remaining hot water from spurting out.

Attach the hose to all three valves

If there isn’t any hose included with your water heater, you may easily purchase one at any store. Always ensure that you check the manual before attaching the hose.

Use at least three gallons of refined white vinegar

Using refined white vinegar can help eliminate any dirt or debris found in your water heater. It’s also much safer to use than other chemicals, which may be detrimental to your health.

Flush it down

You may now flush the vinegar and drain it out. Ensure that you follow all the instructions given by the manufacturer as soon as you’re done with it.

Bring everything back

You may now close the port valves and disconnect the hose from the water valves. You may change the purge port valves and ensure that everything’s tightened.

Locate the filter

You may remove the filter by unscrewing it. Clean it out by running it under the tap water. Once you’re done with it, you may replace the filter if necessary. Always check the operator’s manual for specific instructions.

These are just some basic tips when cleaning your tankless water heater. It’s always safe to read the manual before doing anything else to ensure that you’re doing it properly.