Elders: Bathtubs to Prevent Injuries While Bathing

Modern white bathroomMost home accidents happen in the bathroom. One of the reasons for this could be slipping or tripping in the bathtub. Today, there are many specialized bathtubs, which are designed for seniors, the disabled, and for anyone who has mobility issues.

Different from normal bathtubs

Bathtubs for the elderly have become popular today, as their features help prevent bathroom accidents. They can avoid slips, falls, and trips in the bathtub thanks to their customized features. Seniors can avoid broken hips and other serious injuries, which can make them immobile.

The main differences

There is no step-over in this type of bathtub. It’s when going inside the bathtub that elderly people lose their balance and footing. It has a swing-out and swing-in door and a slight step to access the tub. The second feature is the safety seats. Many elderly find it difficult to get down and use the fully submerged option while bathing. Even if they do manage to lie down, getting out is a big issue.

These seats can be used to have their bath in private, while using the shower hoses and other features as well. These tubs also slip-resistant flooring and the much-needed safety grab bars. Your elderly loved one can hold on to these bars to stabilize themselves.

Other features

Manufacturers have built these tubs in such a way that your loved one can prevent common accidents in the bathroom. These tubs are also called walk-in bathtubs and they’re easier to clean, too. They are available in a variety of materials, such as acrylic and fiberglass. They also come with door systems, which have safety auto locks.

If you have elderly people at your home, consider this tub seriously. As healthy people without mobility issues can also use these tubs, it’s a good idea to have one at home.