Expanding Your Livestock? Consider These Five Important Things

Cows on FarmCows, chicken, and pigs are just some of the farm animals that help bring in agricultural income. This means growing your animal family will help improve your profits.

But expanding your farm may not be as easy as it seems. Brokers from Farmmortgageloan.com explain to their clients that whether they’re buying more acreage or adding to their livestock, expanding a farm will always involve a lot of legwork, paperwork, financial and agricultural evaluation. Before you decide to grow your farm-animal family, consider these things first.

1. Budget

Spending on a new animal is like spending on a baby, maybe even more. You’ll have to consider feeds, vet visits, vitamins, grooming equipment, and housing, just to name a few. Make sure this will all fit into your budget.

2. Land Space

Do you have the space to add another cow in your barn and will you have the milking equipment for her? Making sure that your new addition will be comfortable in her space is essential to her well-being.

3. Time and Labor

Besides feeding them, there’s also house cleaning, letting them out for exercise and such. Make sure your schedule can allow more time for animal chores. Neglecting them can result in unhealthy, unhappy, and angry animals.

4. Benefits of Having This Animal

Eggs, milk, cheese, wool. Will there be any ROI from this new animal? You wouldn’t want just another mouth to feed. Think about why you’re getting a new animal and how it’ll benefit you and your farm.

5. Full Research About The Animal

Do you know what to do if it gives birth? Do you know the different diseases it may have and how to take care of them? Knowing everything about an animal will help you give it the care it deserves.

Once you put some thought into these things, it’ll be easier for you to determine whether or not you’re ready to expand your livestock. Adding animals can increase profit, provide companionship to other animals, and bring joy to everyone on your farm.