Forgot Someone’s Birthday? Here are 3 Great Gift Ideas

PresentsLet’s admit it. Some birthdays are easier to remember than others. It could be because the celebrant is more special to you, or their birthday reminds you of a holiday or other significant event. Lucky are those whose birthdays are easy to remember.

For those whom you have forgotten, you need to exert special effort to make it up to them. Here are some suggestions:

Find customized jewelry

Here’s one handy excuse when you have forgotten to buy a present for a loved one: tell them it’s taking a while for the gift to be finished. And when you give them custom jewelry from a great shop like AAA Jewelers in Salt Lake City, they will be more than grateful.

Get a subscription box

One of the challenges when choosing gifts is thinking whether the recipient will like it or not. With a mystery box, you don’t have to worry about that. The mystery is literally part of the gift. If your loved one is fond of books, give them a box that contains an assortment of recommended books. There are also subscription boxes containing makeup or clothes. Your excuse for the gift being late? It wasn’t delivered on time.

Prepare a weekend event

It could be low-key, with you spending time with them doing whatever they want, or it could be something that involves other people. If the person is a family member, you can turn it into a gathering to make their birthday more special. You can conveniently say that you scheduled it on a weekend so that more people can attend.

Even if you have the calendar filled with dates and celebrations, you may still not remember the event in time to get a gift. When that happens, you have to think fast and come up with a contingency plan.