Global Warming is Real: You Need to Cool Down

Man Fixing AirconIf you have been keeping up with the news, you may know the North and South Pole's ice shelves are melting, and sea levels worldwide are rising. You have probably learned about the increasing global precipitation as well. Global warming is real and it's affecting the quality of life of everyone. When the heat is on, you need to cool down and enjoy a comfortable temperature, whether at home or in the office. A quality air conditioner can help you do just that.

Is the air really getting warmer?

The answer is a resounding yes. Since 1880, the 2001-2010 decade is the warmest this planet has ever been. In the last 50 years, days of extreme heat in a given year have greatly surpassed days of low temperature. These are not alternative facts. You can easily double check.

Experts warn us of the following:

– The exponential rise in global temperature during the later years of this century and beyond

– Precipitation patterns will continue to change.

– A couple of regular visitors: heat wave and drought

– More powerful, more frequent hurricanes

– By 2100, sea level will have risen by 1-4 feet.

– Ice-free Arctic

AC, anyone?

In the near future, you will most likely be fanning yourself, unless, of course, your house is equipped with a reliable air-conditioning system. Preparation is key. If you have yet to buy an air conditioner, this is the best time to visit the nearest appliance store. If you’ve been putting off repair of your broken AC, you need to call a provider of AC repair services in Jacksonville now. The right provider offers high-quality, energy-efficient models that are better for the environment.

Unless you do something, you are bound to experience the effects of global warming on the temperature and climate. Installing an AC is a good move, as well as using solar panels to generate electricity, which you can use to cool your home.