Going Mexican: Preparing for Your First Date

tacos, nacho chips, and tomato dipMost people will agree that the first date with someone can be a game changer or a deal breaker. To make a good impression on that special someone, you should bring them to a place they can truly enjoy – like out for a meal at a restaurant of their preference. If you happen to like someone who loves Mexican food, for instance, you can select from Mexican restaurants in Springfield that are known for their cuisine and ambiance, and you can elevate your date game with these three tips:

Learn the Language

While there is no need to go so far as to sign up for language classes, it would still help to know the local terms for some of the dishes and drinks that will be served. Simple words such as pollo (chicken), carne (meat), pescado (fish), jamon (ham) can make ordering your choice of courses a whole lot easier. Also, once you see the word sopa (soup) or asada (grilled) in the menu, you can definitely order like a pro even if it is your first time in a Mexican restaurant.

Decide on the Mood

Most would think that going Mexican requires an informal air. Not true, since it would be up to you or your date to have a classy full course dinner or a casual cocktail party for two. Most Mexican restaurants offer both options. Also, you should reserve early and let them know your preferences.Showing up to a restaurant that’s already fully booked is definitely a first date bummer.

Research the Menu

Upon choosing a restaurant, you should be aware which dishes can fit your health and dietary requirements. If you and your date are allergic to a certain spice or ingredient, for example, best that you find out beforehand what’s on the roster of dishes. Feel free to ask the restaurant for recommendations days before your special date. All it takes is a phone call or a visit to the restaurant’s website to know your top choices.

The good news is, your date has a shot at being exciting, vibrant, well-balanced and adventurous because good Mexican cuisine is all that. Just keep the cheesiness to the food and not the conversation and your date will likely be a success.