How Can You Maximize Facebook Advertising?

man using facebook on laptop and phoneFacebook has positioned itself as a premier business and advertising platform. The social media giant has added features that make it easier for companies to reach their intended audiences. These features allow businesses to narrow their markets through various demographics, interests, and locations. As a result, businesses spend their resources effectively.

Companies such as Viral Solutions take note of the following features to maximize the returns of Facebook advertising.

Audience Optimization

Facebook features Audience Optimization, an organic targeting tool that allows businesses to reach the audience that is likely to click on their ads.

This tool lets you maximize your resources and zoom in on potential customers further down the sales funnel. It allows you to narrow your audience in terms of age, gender, location, interests, and other subgroups within these. And if your page has more than 5,000 likes, the site activates it for you.

Additionally, the tool lets you filter the people who see your ads, highlighting those who are likely to convert into paying customers. As such, you spend advertising money in a cost-efficient way and find a market that is likely to purchase or react positively to your call-to-action.

Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook uses Dynamic Product Ads to promote products or services to an audience based on their activities and interests. In other words, the feature enables companies to initiate relevant and specific ad campaigns. All you need to do is upload your catalog and start campaigns; the social media platform will then display these to your identified target market.

Carpet Bomb Strategy

Marketing strategy guides and consultants might say that this approach is counter-intuitive. However, Facebook advertising allows you to reach a wide audience without overspending. Start with selecting the largest possible audience based on your preferred location and demographics. Once you get the clicks and determine their source, remarket and retarget to boost your conversion rates.

These are only some of the ways for digital marketers and marketing departments maximize Facebook advertising campaigns. Implement these to identify a solid consumer base, convert better, and reach your objectives.