How Much Do You Need to Pay for Junk and Trash Removal Service?

Worker loading truck with wasteThe average cost of junk and trash removal service in the U.S. amounts to $236, although the typical range may cost between $135 and $358.

Junk Removal Prices

Take note that junk removal is different from waste and trash removal services. Junk disposal involves a one-time service, while garbage removal happens on a regular basis. On the other hand, disposing of waste requires the services beyond the capacity of a junk and trash removal company.

Junk removal services may include refrigerator removal or the disposal of any other major household appliances. While junk can be less harmful than any other types of waste, it can take up a lot of space at home.

The price for disposal will depend on the level of difficulty for the job. It usually costs $100 to get rid of old appliances, while removing large pieces of furniture and an outdoor hot tub may cost $80 and $130, respectively.

Residential Fees

The place where you live will also be a factor for the overall cost. A professional may charge about $200 if they remove junk from a single-family house. Those who live in apartments will have to pay around $250, since it may be more challenging to haul bulky items to the ground floor.

You should also contact a professional when you need to dispose of hazardous waste. Some of these items include old paint, compact fluorescent lights and even nail polish. You may not notice it, but an average house in the U.S. has around 100 pounds of hazardous materials

Be careful not to dispose of old pieces of furniture and broken appliances without the help of a professional. While it may cost you, think about proper junk removal as a way to help the environment. How much are you willing to spend on junk and trash removal service?