How To Choose The Right Prepaid Funeral Plan For Expats

funeralPeople often choose Spain to spend their holidays, and their love for the country continues even when they reach their twilight years. That’s why it’s good to consider purchasing prepaid funeral plans for expats in Spain. So, here are a few variables that you may want to consider when choosing a prepaid funeral plan for expats in Spain.

English- Speaking Bereavement Line

It’s always best to choose a prepaid funeral plan provider that has an English- speaking bereavement line ready to cater to your needs. Since there is no language barrier between your loved ones and the hotline, it’ll be easier for your family or friends organise the funeral service.

24- Hour Service

There are times when you need to call the hotline regarding the issues and legalities about the bereavement in Spain. Being able to contact the hotline at any time of the day no matter where you live is essential to get the support that you need.

Read about expatriate plans

Most insurance companies often provide only one expatriate plans for their pre-paid funeral plan. However, it’s a different scenario with Golden Leaves. Golden Leaves offers two expatriate plans which cover the repatriation from a place of death to a different location that the person chooses while the other caters to expatriates who are residing in Malta, Cyprus, or Spain.

These are just a few of the factors that you may want to consider when choosing a prepaid funeral plan. Keep in mind that it can be costly to repatriate your mortal remains. So it is wise enough to cover everything associated with your burial beforehand so your family can be at peace.