How to Heat Your Garage Effectively

Empty two door garageWalking into your unheated garage barefoot during wintertime is no fun at all. It’s uncomfortable and cold and damaging to your vehicle and other things you have stored in the garage. Likewise, if you like spending time in your garage working on stuff, organizing, or just tinkering about, having sufficient heating would keep you from freezing.

Below are different garage heating options from Gordo Sales, Inc. you could choose from.

Wood or Gas Burner

Wood or gas burners are pretty straightforward; your burn the wood or gas to generate enough heat that would then be distributed throughout the garage. These garage heaters are capable of heating space very well, a very simple to install and operate, and are affordable. However, there’s the issue of pollutants, constant refills, and the need for a significant stock of wood or gas.

Forced Air Heater

This type of heater forces heat into the air that could then be circulated in the space it occupies. Forced air heaters require a fuel and electrical source to operate, so you’d need a gas line and electrical outlet connection. They’re relatively affordable to install, could heat the space fairly quickly, and are ideal for non-constant usage. On the other hand, heating is uneven, reheating is slow, and could be more costly in the long term.

Infrared (IR) Heater

Infrared heaters could use either an electric or fuel source. These heaters work by transferring heat to cold objects rather than into the air, so it’s ideal for cold garages that serve as workstations. They offer even heating, great heat retention, and affordable upkeep. They are however hard and costly to install, and require some distance between objects.

Radiant Heating

This heating system includes pipe installations inside the garage walls or floor as well as a water heater. It is capable of heating the air adequately and is very affordable to maintain. And while installation is complicated and costly, a radiant heating system is the most affordable and practical choice for those who require constant heating in their garage.

It could be difficult to choose the best option for heating your garage but to help narrow down your choices, consider the cost, efficiency, as well as installation and maintenance requirements. Put simply, choose a heating system that could heat your entire garage and won’t go over your budget.