How to Keep Your Pool Installation and Running Costs Low

Swimming pool constructionOne of the most attractive things about plunge pools is their size and cost. There is an affordable yet stunning range of small pools that can spruce up the backyard while providing a touch of luxury. If you’re looking for a low-cost pool, you cannot go wrong with a plunge pool.

It gives you a way to cool off after a strenuous workout or lounge on a lazy afternoon without breaking the budget. Here are some additional ways to keep the plunge pool prices in Perth low.

Cover it up

It is tempting to show off your plunge pool with its gold and white pebble lining tapered off with sandstone coping, but this might cost you big time. See, water is a great cost factor when owning a pool, which makes evaporation a major factor. Left uncovered for a year, half the water in the pool can evaporate, which translates to a loss of about an inch a week during summer.

A pool measuring 18 by 36 foot may lose about 7,000 gallons of water annually. Covering the pool lowers the evaporation rate by 90 percent, limits algae growth, and reduces the number of pool chemicals you need.

Get the proper pool pump

Pool pumps are essential for improving water circulation in the pool, which keeps it clean and presentable. For best results, you need to customise the cover and pump according to the size of the pool. Additionally, avoid the temptation to run the pump unnecessarily.

You can run the pump for about eight hours a day when the water gets cloudy. As the water clears up, lower the duration and frequency. Such a move lets you save on running costs without compromising water quality.

Plunge pools make an excellent choice for anyone looking to install an affordable pool at home. With a little bit of effort, you can keep the running costs low as well.