How to Lower Your Heating Bills During the Cold Months

2 bulbs and electricity billIt has only been a couple of months since winter ended, but your bank balance may still be recovering from the high energy bills. If you don’t want to experience that again, think about cutting your cold-weather heating costs as early as now.

Upgrading appliances and taking some time to weatherproof your home can lead to significant savings when the snow starts falling again. Combined with a few lifestyle changes, you can help not only your wallet but also the environment.

Repair or replace your boiler

Boilers should be replaced every 20 years. Even if your unit works beyond this age, it won’t be as effective as it used to be. Call for expert gas boiler installation and service in Long Island to check up on your current unit.

Get recommendations on the latest, most energy-efficient models on the market and have them install your new boiler. It’s also not a bad idea to upgrade with a programmable thermostat so you’ll have better control over your energy consumption.

Lock all windows and doors

Simply shutting windows and doors won’t be as efficient as locking them. Good window and door locks allow them to sit tighter into their frames and weather-stripping, preventing hot air from escaping the room. It might not seem much, but even a millimeter gap can allow cold outside air to enter your home and cause your heater to work harder.

Insulate the attic

Around 35% of heat escapes from your roof, leaving your home cold and surging your energy bills. Ahead of winter settling in, ensure that your attic space is properly insulated to block the airflow and trap the heat inside your home.

Take advantage of the warmer months to get these projects done. Come winter, you’ll enjoy better heating with significantly lower energy expenses.