Ideas for Working with Various Kitchen Elements to Create a Cohesive Look

KitchenYour kitchen is one of the areas in your house that can be remodeled without spending too much. There’s no need to keep working in drab kitchens while waiting for money to come by. But the remodel should be undertaken diligently to achieve the perfect look.

Cabinets, floors, and counter-tops are the key elements you should plan your remodeling around. The design and pieces you choose for these elements should all work to get a positive result from your kitchen remodeling project in Utah.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:


It’s easier to match your cabinets and floors to the counter-tops, so choose the latter first and decorate your kitchen around it. You can opt for one color for the counter-tops and floors, and then select a dominant secondary color for your cabinets to contrast them. You can also create a perfect contrast by using different materials for the work and kitchen island counters and the backsplash.


If you’re using one color for the counter-tops and cabinets, then choose a different color for your floors to contrast them. For a traditional look, white cabinets paired with black counter-tops and floors will work. Avoid using the same material for your cabinets and floor as this is overwhelming. Should you opt for the same material, get different tones.


Your choice of kitchen cabinets can be overwhelming with the many choices on the market. Framed cabinets fit with conventional kitchen styles while frameless ones are ideal for a contemporary look. Though stock cabinets might be inexpensive, the ideal choice would be custom cabinets since they’ll match your kitchen’s decor.

The final step in remodeling is accenting with decorative accessories, appliances, and fixtures. Getting an interior designer to work with you from the start is important. The expertise of the designer will help you make the right choices and put them all together for an overall unified appearance.