Indicators of a Failing HVAC Compressor

Technician inspecting an air conditionerThe increase in temperatures in the sweltering months of summer causes many HVAC units to break down. Before the entire unit gives out, it all begins with the compressor. The compressor is the part of the HVAC unit that gives symptoms before things get drastic, so if you can spot these signs early enough, you will be in a better position to call repair experts like Airtime Heating & Cooling for HVAC in Riverton, before the whole system shuts down. These are the signs of a failing compressor.

Moisture leaks: Any signs of moisture or puddles around the HVAC system could mean a leakage of the refrigerant from the compressor. If this happens continually for too long, the compressor will run dry of the chemicals needed to generate cold air, and it will stop working altogether.

If the Circuit Breaker trip frequently

If your cooling system is always tripping, this is a sure indicator of a failing compressor. One of the things that make the compressors circuit breaker trip is if they’re overworked. When the circuit breaker trips, power to the cooling system is cut off which interferes with the normal functioning of your HVAC.

A rattling sound

If every time you start the HVAC system and outdoor condenser shake violently, then something is wrong with the compressor. Calling a repair expert of HVAC in Riverton should be your next call of action.

A clicking noise

A clicking or rumbling noise when the HVAC starts could mean failure to the compressor motor mounts. The sound could also mean the motor responsible for distributing cool air from the compressor has become loose. The solution for this is repair.

Lack of airflow

If you notice diminishing airflow coming from the vents, then most likely the compressor needs inspection. Immediately you notice this, invite an HVAC professional to inspect your system.

Anytime you notice a household fixture behaving unusual, if you don’t address the issue immediately, it moves from bad to worse. In the case of a HVAC, simply call a repair expert and save yourself the need to incur hefty costs for major repairs