Installing a Fence? Do These 3 Things First.

A house with a metal fencePutting up wood, vinyl, or metal gates and fences can serve many purposes in your home. It could be to keep your pets and kids inside, to add beauty to your house, or for security.

However, putting up a fence is not like wearing your outfit for the day. You just can’t throw on what you like. Here are some of the things you’ll have to do before deciding on a fence.

Know the rules

There are regulations in most areas about building a fence. You must understand and comply with these rules to avoid getting into trouble in the future. Some have restrictions on height, design, material, or property lines of your house. You can ask your homeowner’s association about it.

Think of your neighbors

Let them know of your plans to put up a fence. You might be blocking some views they’d like to keep, or they might also want to put a shared wall or a party fence.

If you share it, have a professional determine each of your property boundaries. Then, have the agreement in writing to put on record that you both want that fence.

The fence material must match your climate

Damp climate can cause water damage to wood. Cold and frosty weather can cause cracking if it’s not secured 36 inches into the ground. Knowing what material works best for the type of weather you usually have will save you from the hassles of repair expenses.

Think about why you want a fence

Knowing why you want to build a fence will help you choose the right material for it. For example, if it’s for aesthetic purposes, a white picket fence could look really homey. If it’s to have more privacy or block noise, you’ll want something solid and tall.

Installing a gate or a fence is adding a part to your house that will have its own purpose. Following these tips could make it possible for your fence to serve the purpose for which you got it.