Keep The Ground On Your Property Lush And Healthy

Plant Shoot From GroundMaking some mistakes can ruin your ability to keep the grounds around your property green and healthy. Having the wrong grass variety and poor maintenance routine can lead you to incur hefty losses.

Green velvety grounds around a commercial property increases its curb appeal and entices tenants to want a piece of it. Such well-kept grounds are a strong selling point, especially when looking to stay ahead of the curve. Your property will stand out from others in the neighborhood, giving you the ability to ask for premium prices.

With the help of the bestcommercial landscaping services in Fort Myers, you can keep your ground beautiful all year round without breaking the bank. These experts will help you keep your grounds looking resplendent.

Ensure professional care and maintenance

It is no secret that keeping the grounds around a property neat and tidy takes a considerable amount of time and effort not to mention skills. As the grass grows, you need to trim it at regular intervals to keep the height at a specific level. An overgrown lawn rolls out a welcome mat for all manner of unwanted guests.

Insects, weeds, and rodents can quickly overrun such grounds and wreak havoc. Rodents burrow through your precious turf leaving gaping holes and dying grass patches. Insects, on the other hand, carry a plethora of diseases that can ruin large swathes of your once manicured lawns. For the best results, you should mow the ground once or twice a week during summer and after two or three weeks in Spring and Autumn.

Avoid high maintenance grasses

Not all grasses are created equal, and as such, you need to pick a cultivar variety that suits your needs just right. In addition to picking the variety that best suits your climatic region, you need to get the right grass. For instance, despite the lush, green and appealing look, the creeping bentgrass is high maintenance grass.

Commonly used in golf course, this grass calls for daily mowing in addition to other intensive management practices. Left unchecked, the grass achieves a wild growth and can create a thicket on your property. Naturally, the expenses that come with maintaining such a grass are astronomical. Liaising with a lawn expert keeps you from making such costly mistakes from the onset.

While keeping the grounds around a property lush and green is a desirable result, it takes a considerable amount of skills and effort. Therefore, you need to avoid critical mistakes that make it impossible to achieve these results.