Obvious Signs Your Garage Door Needs to be Fixed

House With Garage DoorAccording to a survey released in May 2015, some 80% of occupied houses in the United States have parking spaces or a garage. It only proves that having a safe place for your car nowadays is necessary.

And there will be instances when you need to have your garage door repaired when it malfunctions during the wee hours of the day. Good thing there are garage door repair companies that are open 24/7, such as Quality Garage Doors.

Here are some of the obvious clues that clearly tell you that your garage door needs some maintenance.

Unusual Sounds

Listen to the door while it is closing and opening. If you hear some unusual noises, then the motor or spring may be having some trouble, and may replacement or repairs. Or you may have a situation where there is nothing wrong with the motor, but the springs need some greasing.

If it is not one of these two reasons, then you need to have a professional look into it.

Delayed Actions

If you control the garage doors via a remote, and it is having problems responding to the controls, then you need to call a specialist to look at your door. If it really does not respond at all, then you might be looking at a more serious problem.

Do the quick fix first on your own by replacing all the batteries or replace the remote if necessary.

Unbalanced Doors

Are your doors balanced? If not, then you should take this clue seriously because the damaged spring might snap anytime. It is unsafe to both your family and car, so it is imperative that you ask advice and guidance from an expert.

It would be best to be aware of the signs that your garage door already needs repair. If necessary, consult an expert.