Prep and Proof Your Windows from Chilly Winter Drafts

Happy woman looking out big bright window with curtains and blindsMany people look at cold drafts as nothing more than small discomforts and annoyances. However, this cold air drawn and wafting into your home can cause more than just a reduction in comfort and livability. It can also result in unwelcome spikes in your utility bills. What’s worse part is, this increase in energy consumption goes to complete waste, seeing that you didn’t actually get to use or benefit from it.

This alone should already make you recognize the value of addressing such issues as soon as possible. Keep in mind though, that “winterizing” your windows is something that you shouldn’t just do in preparation for the chilly season.

You should draft-proof your home as needed, especially since their occurrence can already signify structural concerns. This is where solutions such as window films come in. Dallas-based specialists will attest to this. But before that, let’s discuss drafts and what they indicate.

Mind the Gap

Drafts occur due to gaps or spaces affecting windows, doors, and floors among several other parts of your home. They are most prominent in windows though, with the air drawn inside your home through the spaces between the panes and the frames.

Regardless of where they come from, know that they can actually signal structural problems, such as loose window components. In most cases, this happens due to age, improper use, and incorrect installation.

Drafts in your home also mean huge amounts of energy — and money — wasted through unnecessary loss of device-heated or -cooled air. This is why you should address these problems ASAP.

Possible Solutions

There are several ways you can recover your control over indoor climate lost due to drafts. One is through investing in quality window films. These products don’t just “bridge” the gaps and spaces; they also effectively block drafts from getting inside and ruining your otherwise comfortable and cozy home.

And as a final reminder, you should also talk to window specialists about possible repairs and replacements, particularly for really old or damaged windows.