Print Classifieds vs. Online Job Search Engines: What is The Difference?

A recruiter and and applicant at an interviewCompanies will take advantage of any platform to advertise a job opening. After all, employees are the lifeblood of any business, contributing to its progress. A well-advertised job vacancy can attract a large number of applicants, all vying for a spot in the company. It can also mean you’ll discover more about new career opportunities.

Classified ads on newspapers and specialised job search websites can help you in your job search. For instance, if you are looking for employment in the financial sector, there are agencies that specialise in financial recruitment, optimising your job search.

You may certainly look for jobs using newspapers and specialised job search websites. But you might take more time job hunting. What is the better method of finding a suitable job?

Print vs. Online

The primary factor that can influence your job search is accessibility of the platform. With print classified ads and job search engines, there is an obvious difference: the nature of the platform.

Classified ads in newspapers are tangible, and physical materials actually leave a longer lasting ‘mental footprint’ compared to solely visual material. This is the one advantage that classifieds on print have over online job search engines.

Online job search engines, on the other hand, possess a universal scope. Anyone has access; you can also easily access job postings on the Internet from your phone or your desktop.

Limiting the Job Search

Another main difference between classifieds and job search engines is how it relates to your needs. Classifieds give brief summaries of the job posting, often accompanied by the company’s address.

While that is useful, job search engines give you the freedom to choose your preferences for information (location, salary, industry and the like). Tailored job search engines further specify your search due to their specific set of industry openings.

At the end of the day, companies will still use both platforms to engage applicants. Businesses need to find the right talent, and that requires comprehensive recruitment. Meanwhile, you have the convenience and ease of online resources to find the job you want.