Recommended Materials for Your Garage Door

Garage doorUpgrading your garage doors is one of the fastest ways you can increase the value of your home. It not only guarantees you a return of over 88% but also adds a major curb appeal to your home.

The decision on which door material to go by will be determined by the clearance on the entryway, and allow a swing up or out and around the ceiling for tracks. Additionally, when selecting a garage door in Tablelands, Australia, the experts at Infinite Garage Doors explain that you should ensure that the material and the design of your home are all complimentary. Here are the different materials suitable for your garage door requirement.


Wood ranks as the most beautiful material for garage doors. Its ability to withstand wear and tear makes it a preferred material by most people. Wood and wood composite can be easily customised, and the prices vary from average to expensive high-end wooden doors. They are best used for huge double doors.


The best quality steel garage doors should be made of at least two layers of galvanised steel. If you require a garage door with near zero maintenance, then steel is the way to go. However, sometimes steel is affected by rust and dents, so to prevent this from happening, use a 25 gauge steel or steel that has a fibreglass overlay as it will resist dents and rust.


This is the most versatile and malleable material as it can be made to simulate any material. For instance, you can choose one that has the warmth and beauty of wood and is also transparent to allow soft lighting into your garage. They are an excellent option for coastal areas.

While shopping for a garage door, remember that heavy insulation and energy saving tags are not always necessary, particularly if your garage is only meant for storage and parking of your car. This is because insulating can trap toxic fumes and chemicals. However, the material you intend to use matters as it can determine the safety levels of your garage.