Reminders to Improve Metal Fencing’s Security

Metal fence with spikesYou’ve already made the house plans, and there’s room for a metal fence. Such a fence helps improve the security of your home, so it’s understandable that you’ll want it around your property. Especially if you have a pool, it becomes a requirement and not just an option.

It’s not enough to get metal fencing panels, however. Know how to make them work for you without compromising security. Remember the following:

Watch the Kids

If you think a six-foot fence is safe enough for an unsupervised child, you’re wrong. Even five-year-olds may feel like climbing the fence when they get bored. This poses a lot of risks, and if no one is watching the children, it might be a while before you realize what has happened. With or without a fence, you should not leave very young children out of sight.

Position Fence Safely

You don’t want them too close to the house that they make the backyard useless; you don’t want to position them too far that neighbors could complain about property lines either. A quick talk with your builders and a consultation of the house plans should help you gauge just how far from the main house you can erect the fence. Once it’s up, decorate around it so you will not feel as though your outdoor space is just the fence and nothing else.


Metal fencing does the job of securing the house well enough. Perhaps this is the reason robbers sometimes don’t want anything else from your property but the fence itself. To protect your fence from these wrongdoers, add CCTV around the property, so you will know if an attempt to take the fence, presumably to sell them for parts, has been made.

Metal fences are pretty secure, but your actions can still improve the security they add to the house. Do these for your peace of mind.