Set Up Your Blinds in the Right Areas for Better Performance

Making your home more energy efficient naturally brings several advantages; it helps reduce energy costs while maintaining an optimal level of indoor comfort.

There are several things you can start with to improve your house’s energy efficiency, but one of the best and fastest is to follow a design most appropriate to your location’s climate. Setting up made to measure roller blinds in the right places allows you to take advantage of the sun’s natural heating and lighting power, as well as the cooling comfort of outdoor breezes.

Putting a stop to excessive light and heat during summer

North-facing windows typically allow the most light and heat in during the summer season. Shading these can significantly improve a building’s indoor climate when the sun is at its peak.

Because many houses in Australia have big north-facing windows, with some even having a full-length size, many consumers may have some difficulties finding treatments to cover the entire window. Custom-made blinds eliminate this problem since manufacturers make them based on the exact measurements of a window.

And because you can adjust these covers, you can still permit sunlight and heat in during winter.

Preventing morning heat gains

Windows that face east can also hugely contribute to a higher-than-necessary temperature in the morning, particularly in hot days. Adjustable window furnishings work best on them, as they give you the freedom to regulate the amount of light and heat penetrating into your home.

You can shut them completely as the sun becomes hotter. And as the temperature becomes tolerable, you can leave openings in the slats to allow breezes in, and at the same time, circulate air for proper ventilation.

These window furnishings don’t just help you save on heating and cooling dollars; they give you the peace of mind knowing you have minimised your impact on the environment.

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