Simple Tips to Take Care of Your Swimming Pool Filter

pool maintenanceSwimming has many benefits especially for persons with osteoarthritis, hypertension, and asthma. Since pressure is evenly distributed in water, the force on the body does not collect in a single area. For others, swimming is said to relieve tension while also having a good time. Maintaining your swimming pool may be challenging for most persons, but a swimming pool service in Salt Lake City keeps your pool well-maintained and clear of dirt and debris.

It’s time to wash your swimming pool filter. First, redirect water flow to drain dirty water towards the sewer. In some cases, dirty water passes through a filter made of spun polyester or a form of paper. The filter is then washed off. Second, add fresh water to the pool to replace water loss.

These are ways in how a cartridge pool filter may last longer.

1. Inspect

Performing an inspection can help you decide when to change or backwash the sand. Checking out the filter valves is helpful too as water may be lost due to a faulty gasket.

2. Clean gently

As with any other item or machine, cleaning gently through mild pressure can maintain your filter in good condition. This way, the delicate fibers where water passes does not become loose and remain in tip-top shape.

3. Use a cartridge that repels algae and bacteria

Some cartridges are designed to repel microscopic life in the water. Most bacteria are harmful to the body as they are a source of infection. Some forms of algae may be harmful too. As a tip, when your pool is turning into a different color such as green, algae may be forming. When there are algae, bacteria may thrive as well.

Swimming has many benefits, but a dirty pool may bring more harm than good to the body. Keeping the pool’s integrity must not be taken for granted.