Simple Ways to Help Kids Develop Great Oral Hygiene Habits

Young boy on a dentist visitAs kids grow up, they learn many things that their parents want them to bring into adulthood. One of these is personal hygiene, with oral health as an important facet. Parents teach children to clean teeth, gums and tongue regularly and maintain the habit to keep their mouth in good shape. Training very young kids to practice these oral health habits can be challenging, but here’s how you can help them develop the routine:

Take Them to the Dentist

Kids should get acquainted with dentists at a young age. Companies that offer various services, such as the MiSmile network, stir children’s interests and make them curious about oral health. The best dentists build great rapport with their young patients, helping the little ones understand why regular brushing is necessary from a medical point of view.

Be Consistent

It is important to let kids learn that dental hygiene is about consistency. For example, always remind them to brush their teeth before bedtime and after meals. By being firm in implementing this rule, it will soon become natural for the kids, and they will start doing it without a reminder.

Explain the Role of Food

Flossing, brushing, and gurgling mouthwash have a big impact on oral health, but diet does, too! Kids, by nature, love sweets. As parents, you must try to give them a balanced diet, or at least lessen the sweets. Explain to them how candy, soda, and other sugary treats can have an impact on their teeth. Discuss with them the types of food that strengthen the teeth, such as dairy products and certain fruits like strawberries.

Children have to learn important habits early on to live a healthy life, apart from keeping their rooms clean and saying “Thank you!” all the time. Knowing the important oral health habits will benefit them once their permanent teeth come out. As permanent teeth don’t “heal” like most parts of the body, they should learn to take care of their teeth, no matter how old they are.