Solar Pool Heating Systems – What Solar Collectors Are

Heated Swimming PoolWondering if solar pool heating systems are the best choice for your pool? Here is how solar collectors efficiently heat your pool water so that you can extend your swimming season.

How Solar Collectors Work

A solar collector is a piece of equipment that heats your pool water with the heat energy it harnesses from the sun. They are mounted on the roof of your home for maximum sun exposure. There are different solar heating systems available on the market but this is the most popular solar heating system that is widely used.

This is how they work:

1. The user sets the desired pool water temperature on the control system.

2. The pump turns on and extracts pool water and pumps it up onto the roof through the solar collectors.

3. The solar collector heat the water as it passes through the tubing.

4. As the pump continuously extracts water from the pool, the heated water also continuously circulates back to the pool.

5. With the guidance of the system’s pool temperature sensors, the heating automatically stops when the desired temperature is reached.

When the pool water cools down, the system automatically senses the temperature and restarts the cycle again. Western Australian solar companyPool Solar and Spa explains that the heat collected throughout the day is usually sufficient to heat the pool well into the night.

The Solar Advantage

The solar heating system can work even under overcast skies because solar collectors can use both direct and diffuse solar irradiance (radiation) to heat water. This means that even if there are cloud barriers, your solar collector can still collect the UV rays and thermal energy diffused by the clouds.

As solar collectors use free energy from the sun, a solar heating system’s main advantage is its low operating cost. This system is low maintenance, very durable and can last a long time.

With a solar heating system, your swimming season could be extended past six months. If you get a combination heating system type (e.g. solar and gas heater) you can use your pool all year round. Still wondering if solar heating is the best for your pool?