Techniques Used in Applying Hair Extensions

photo of a woman having her hair extensionsA lack of hair volume and length is one of the issues that most women have battled for ages. Thankfully, there is now a solution with the advent of hair integrations. There are two categories of hair extensions: natural and synthetic. DIY extensions can harm your hair. Hairdressers in Tauranga use different techniques to apply extensions. Here are some of them:

Strand by Strand

This technique uses 20-40 hair strands attached at one end using polyurethane or glue keratin. The extensions are then connected to your hair using cold or hot fusion. The strand-by-strand technique takes 6-8 hours, and the extensions last for 16-20 weeks. Though it is the most suitable application method for coarse hair, it is expensive, and the extensions are not re-usable.


This application technique takes 60-90 minutes. The extensions come in wefts, which have single or double-sided tape tabs made from polyurethane. Taped-in extensions can be reused and have a natural look since they lay flat. However, they should not be exposed to water because this weakens the adhesive.

Micro Ring

In this method, small extension bundles are looped through sections of your natural hair then secured using a metal bead. Micro-ring application takes 4-5 hours, and the extensions last for 2-3 months. There is minimal hair damage since the technique uses no heat and the extensions are easy to wash. Still, micro-ring application is not suitable for those with fine or short hair and might cause some scalp discomfort.

The techniques above require considerable expertise. You should ensure that the hairdresser you select excels in your chosen method to minimise hair damage and get a perfect look. A professional should also do the removal of extensions.