The Dangers of Water Damage and How You Can Fix It

hole in the water pipeWater damage can cause not only physical and structural damage to your house. It can also cause health problems when it is left untreated or unresolved. Here are the things you need to know about water damage and how you can fix it.

Health and safety risks

The presence of moisture in areas affected by a leak or flooding makes it an ideal environment for the growth of mold and other organisms that are dangerous to one’s health, experts in water damage restoration in Salt Lake City say. These agents can spread to other parts of the home, increasing the risk of allergic reactions or respiratory problems in susceptible individuals.

Exposure to mold enzymes can also cause a temporary inflammatory effect in the airways. And although it only occurs when an individual is exposed to the problematic area, it can lead to other health risks like developing allergic rhinitis later on.

Damage to property

Water damage is an indication of a leak or flooding inside the house and puts your house’s structural integrity at risk. Affected areas can weaken over time and cause further damage to other parts of the house when left untreated. A small amount of flooding in these areas is enough to damage wiring and gas lines beyond repair, and installing new ones is the only way to get your home back in order. This can leave you without utilities for a period of time and may require you to live somewhere else temporarily, which can be prohibitively expensive.

The fix

Getting the help of water damage restoration professionals at the first sign of a leak or right after a flooding incident will help you get your house back in shape in no time. Keep your house dry and mold free with the help of professionals who offer restoration and clean-up services, including water and mold restoration as well as flooring and carpet cleaning. Proper water damage restoration is key in bringing back your home’s structural health, making it a safe place for you and your family, once again.