The Immigration Process in the US

Travel Passport With Stamped VisaThe first step for foreign citizens to take if they wish to become a legal US citizen is obtaining an immigrant visa. This will pave the way to their becoming a permanent resident in the United States.

Many lawyers specialize in immigration in Provo and elsewhere, and they can help you go through the process. Immigrating to the US can be complex if you are unaware of the prevailing immigrant laws. Lawyers can tell you whether you are eligible to immigrate to the country.  They can also present you with options to begin the process of immigration.

How does the process begin?

To become eligible for an immigrant visa, a foreigner should get a sponsorship from a relative who is a US citizen, or from a prospective employer. The sponsor has to start the process of immigration by filing a petition on behalf of the foreigner, with the USCIS or US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Family-based visas

A US citizen can file a visa petition for their parents, spouse, daughter or son, brother or sister. A green card holder or lawful resident in the US can file a visa for his or her spouse and unmarried daughter or son. The family member who sponsors the immigration process should file an I-130 petition for an alien relative with USCIS.

Employer-based immigration

US employers are allowed to sponsor skilled workers who would be employed in permanent jobs in the country. In certain fields, the prospective employees can sponsor themselves. There are also some special categories of immigration visas such as investor programs for immigrants.

The total number of visas is limited in some categories each year. If the number exceeds the quota, the immigrant will be added to a waiting list. There are other types of visas available. These include a foreign fiancé to be married in the US and an orphan to be adopted. It is best to consult professionals to help you through the immigration program and know your eligibility.