The Many Options to Further Your Career as a Registered Nurse

Legal nurse at her workstationOf the many different health care professions in the United States, the nursing career is where one can grow old in without feeling burnt out or becoming bored. This is many thanks to the numerous opportunities that the nursing sector offers, particularly in education growth and career advancement.

Whether you hold a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing or an associate’s degree in nursing, know that you have many options to explore once you’ve gained experience through an entry-level job. Here are just a few of them:

Promotion in the management department

In most cases, registered nurses begin to build their careers in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, as staff nurses. Through exceptional performance, they can move up the employment hierarchy through a promotion, and in general, this takes the form of a managerial position. For instance, a staff nurse can move up the ranks as a unit manager, and in a few more years, a head nurse. Continued education also boosts their chances of getting a promotion.

Expanding into the legal sector

Experience and career advancement opportunities for registered nurses can also occur outside the healthcare sector. You can take your career further and become a legal nurse consultant, which will allow you to practice not just the nursing program you completed, but also the legal side of the health and medical industries.

Of course, you still need to undergo and complete a training program, but this is time well spent, not just because of the better pay, but the satisfaction of having more skills. Furthermore, these health and legal specialists also have numerous job opportunities, making a career in it even more appealing to registered nurses.

More experience, more possibilities

The bottom line is, you can use the knowledge and expertise you gain as a registered nurse in many other branches of the health and medical industries. While it’s still your decision to further your career or not, it pays to know that you have many ways of growing personally and professionally.