The Only Checklist You’ll Need When Traveling with Kids for the First Time

A family on a vacationPlanning for an out-of-the-country vacation with your kids for the first time can be stressful. Gone are the days when you and your partner can just throw everything into a backpack and choose a random destination. Traveling with kids requires careful planning. To help you get started, here’s a checklist.

1. Make all necessary bookings ahead of time

Once you have chosen a destination, make reservations as early as possible. Choose a hotel that’s family-friendly, book the most direct flights, and get airport transfers. It may not also be the best time to do a DIY itinerary, so consider getting the service of a travel agency.

2. Don’t overpack

You cannot expect your kids to carry their own luggage, so make sure you don’t go crazy when packing. Be practical with clothes; you can always repeat or wash them. Also, instead of bringing family-sized toiletries, you can just buy them once you get to your destination.

3. Involve your kids in planning your itinerary

Don’t make your kids feel that this vacation is just you and your partner’s trip, and that they’re only tagging along. Once you have chosen a destination, do your research with them and consult what activities they want to do or places they want to check out.

Perhaps you can show them videos of Alps tours to get them excited. Alpenwild noted that travel agencies can provide you with more visuals to make your kids more enticed. In addition, you should consider proper pacing. Kids get tired easily, and you don’t want them throwing tantrums.

4. Keep them entertained

Now is not the time to go Big Brother on them. Like what The New York Times contributor Ondine Cohae says, you can be more lenient with your kids when traveling. Loosen up and enjoy each other’s company without stressing out that they’re spending too much on their gadgets during flights and waiting time.

5. Brief your kids before your departure

Discuss the trip with your kids often and brief them a day or two before your departure. Take out your long list of reminders and explain reasons for each. For instance, highlight the importance of making sure that they don’t lose their travel documents and IDs or discuss with them what they would have to do if they get lost.

Traveling with kids for the first time can make you anxious because you want everything to go smoothly. The above-mentioned are tips you can follow to make the planning process easier. Lastly, always have fun and avoid fights as much as possible.