The People in Court: 4 Tasks Done in the Courtroom

photo of a gavelThe rule of law is a serious business. Rights, properties, or even lives could be at stake, which is why everyone involved needs to do their part. If you’ve ever been to a trial or at least seen one in media, you’d notice lawyers, judges, the jury, and people who are writing down every word said.

The latter is what the system refers to as court reporters, which are just as necessary as the others mentioned above. Here’s a closer look at the process:

Providing Transcripts

Phoenix Deposition Services explains that the job of a court reporter is to provide written transcripts of all spoken commentary within the court. This is helpful in official proceedings because the judge or lawyers might need to have someone recall a statement said a few hours ago. A court reporter keeps things accurate and based on facts.

Protecting Client Rights

As for lawyers, their task is to protect their clients’ rights, which is done by offering solid arguments or definitive evidence that could help the judge and jury in coming up with a fair and informed decision.

Doing Jury Service

As mentioned by the Arizona Judicial Branch, the jury is the heart of the judicial system in the U.S. They are typically composed of representatives coming from the defendant’s community. Jury members are tasked with listening to the case in order to come up with a unanimous decision regarding the case.

Overseeing the Trial

Lastly, the judge is the one presiding over the trial. He or she makes sure questions are answered while peace and order in the courtroom are maintained. The judge weighs the arguments and evidence of both sides and decides if the defendant is guilty or not.

Every courtroom has valuable members that do their part during the trial. Attorneys defend their clients; the judge oversees the trial; the jury helps with the final decision; and court reporters record everything spoken in court. Without each member, the cases today would never get resolved.