The Poster Child: What the Kid-Friendly Home Looks Like

Dad reading a story to his kidsBuying a house is already stressful, but buying a house with kids in mind is an entirely different challenge. When you’re single, almost any space will do as long as it’s near your office and it has a bed. But when you have a family in mind, it’s much more complicated — you have to find an environment conducive to raising responsible kids.

With that, here are factors you should look into as you find the perfect home for your growing family:


Small space with small kids spells disaster. As a general rule, you should buy a home that has lots of space for children running around and their toys scattered around.

It’s best to have a large living room for that reason. You also want additional rooms, while your kids are still small. This can serve as a playroom and as your kids grow and need more privacy, these can be turned into bedrooms. You may want to check out houses for sale that West Richland, WA​ real estate experts offer, as these luxury properties may have lots of space for growing families.


It’s not just about home sweet home. You want a home safe home for the kids. It’s important to think about the overall layout of the house and the fixtures and furniture you’ll add.

For the layout, you have to determine whether open floor plans or zoned sections will work for you. Sometimes, open floor plans work towards promoting kids’ safety because you’re able to keep an eye on them without visual obstructions. But clearly defined zones can also help you restrict kids’ access to certain areas of the home.

For fixtures in the house, see to it that large equipment, wiring, and sockets are out of children’s reach. Be mindful of the sharp corners of countertops and tables, as well. Double-check if cupboards and closets pose a risk of kids being trapped inside.


A kid-friendly home is one that’s situated near key establishments. Before buying a house, see if there are educational institutions nearby. If there are none, assess if the commute to the nearest school is easy. It’s also ideal to have a house that’s just a few steps away from parks and playgrounds. Of course, you want kids to be not just cognitively smart, but socially intelligent as well.

The kid-friendly home has these characteristics. Keep these things in mind as you find that perfect house.