Top Places to Eat in Singapore for Every Budget

photo of multiple hands holding a chopstick with food on itSingapore is a dynamic country, and one of the ways they exemplify this is through their cuisine. Visitors will see a mix of Indian, Malay and Chinese in the local fare, while other citizens working or visiting can also get a taste of home in the many restaurants.

Travel experts cite the following places to eat here in Singapore for your upcoming trip.

Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle

This humble hawker stall in Chinatown became famous for earning a Michelin Star. Many recognise it as the “cheapest Michelin Star meal” one could possibly have. The tasty meals are not just affordable but have also earned its recognition. Lines stretch out even before it opens, so try to go early if you do not want to wait long.

Sungei Road Laksa

This is one of the heritage hawker food stalls in the country and is a popular destination for laksa lovers and foodies. The owners have been cooking this famous dish for decades and actually still serve it the same way they always have. When you dine here, you are not just eating, but taking part in tradition and culinary history.

Daisy’s Dream Kitchen

This restaurant serves delectable Peranakan Food; this type of cuisine has a variety of influences. The dishes you try may have curries for flavour, shrimp paste, local vegetable and some fruits. Those that make these got their recipes from their mothers and grandmothers. Some of the must-try’s include the babi buah keluak, Assam prawns and the ngo hiang.

Hjh Maimunah Restaurant

This restaurant is quite famous and sometimes has lines that reach out of the door. This comes as no surprise because the food is really good. Noteworthy dishes include the sambal goreng and the beef rending, both of which will tickle your taste buds and leave you satisfied. If you want to satisfy your need for Malay dishes, this is the place to be.

Singapore has other restaurants that provide you with a variety of food these are only some of them. The country displays its diversity through the many types of cuisine you can try.