Tree Stump Removal: 3 Facts You Need to Know About

Tree stumpSometimes, when you get a tree removed for various reasons, the stump gets left behind. You don't feel any particular need to remove the stump, as well; it was only the tree that was a hassle anyway. Getting rid of its stump may be overkill. And at first glance, tree stumps may look harmless. But keeping it may do more harm than good.

To help you decide whether to proceed with its removal, as well as to know more about the service relating to it, keep the following information in mind:

Not all tree removal services include tree stump removal

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is to assume tree fellers will also remove the stump. In fact, unless stated otherwise, a lot of them don’t. This is usually due to the complexity and difficulty of doing it. Furthermore, it needs a special set of tools and skills, which they may not have.

For this reason, you should also not remove the stump by yourself. It can not only be time-consuming and costly, but it can also be dangerous.

When choosing your team for stump grinding work, look for one that offers both tree and stump removal. Moreover, pick experts that also perform the cleaning afterwards.

Tree stump removal may leave some roots

Removing the tree stump is different from uprooting a tree. Sometimes the team can remove a part of it, especially those that are near the surface. Professionals usually, they advise homeowners not to go further. It may mean digging deep, which could damage the landscape. Nevertheless, since there’s no more stump, in most cases, the roots will eventually die. The right company will also tell you when the chances of a new tree growing from a stump are high, and both of you can discuss on what to do further.

Removing the stump is an effective way of protecting your home

Termites are a very difficult enemy to defeat. Once they infest your house, it takes a specialist to get rid of them properly. These cunning creatures, which are found in Bay of Plenty, commonly don’t travel into the house immediately. Rather, they start outside, such as in tree stumps.

Removing the tree stumps, therefore, can help ensure your home is not only safe from termites but last longer as well.