Ways to Entertain Kids at Your Wedding

A couple during a weddingYour wedding day is going to be one of the most memorable moments in your life. You want it to be perfect not just for you and your partner but also for your family, friends, and guests. You plan every little detail, from the ceremony to the reception.

However, while adult guests do enjoy celebrating this momentous day for the bride and the groom, some little ones might not be so happy. Weddings can be such a snooze fest for kids, so it is only expected that you also consider them when planning for your big day. Wedding planners have the following tips to guide you:

Fill their tummies with goodies

One option to get the attention of children and keep them occupied while your maid of honor and best man deliver their message is to have a candy corner exclusive to them. Fill it with chocolates, candies, and other sweet treats. If you prefer something tastier but not too sweet, you may want to have a gourmet popcorn bar for your wedding reception instead, which the adults will also love. You can have the popcorn colored to match the motif of your wedding.

Give them space to run and play

Some reception venues offer a mini playground for kids. While the adults listen to the newlyweds’ love story, the youngsters get to play and have fun without bothering anyone. If such a playground is not readily available, you can ask your planner to set up a temporary one for you.

Let them do art

You can also set up an activity center where the children can do art and unleash their creativity. Provide them with coloring pages, crayons, craft supplies, and other art materials you could think of. This way, you can keep them busy while at the same time, also enhance their talent.

Although the primary focus of a wedding is always the bride and the groom, everyone attending the event should have a great time. Make sure that your guests of all ages will enjoy your big day as much as you do.