What are the Duties of a Bailiff?

prison barsA bailiff is a legal officer or custodian who is given a certain degree of authority. Like a private investigator, a bailiff can help you if you have problems in connection with the law. Bailiffs and investigators undergo a period of training, which could include taking an online private investigator course, to become knowledgeable about the law. This helps them in the role they play inside and outside the courtroom.

Here are three of the duties of a bailiff:

Guarding the jury

One essential task of a bailiff is to guard the jury, which is the group of people tasked with decisions in the courtroom. Their opinions are important because they are a huge factor in what the outcome of the case will be. This is why bailiffs must guard them.

Transporting defendants to court

Bailiffs are also tasked to bring defendants to the court and escort them out once the session for that day ends. Defendants represent one side of a case, so it is crucial that they remain present while the case is in progress.

Delivering documents in court

Documents are crucial in court cases because these could prove either the guilt or innocence of the accused. These could also determine if the accuser is lying or telling the truth. These papers need to be in good hands, which is where bailiffs come in.

If there is one thing common between private investigators and bailiffs, it is that they do their part in making sure everyone abides by the law. As long as bailiffs and investigators are present, justice will be served smoothly.