What You Need to Know about Disability Insurance

man in a wheelchairMany employees today are now looking for more practical ways to secure their assets. The usual setup for most people is that they focus more on their monthly savings. This is a good thing, but what will happen if you are unable to work due to a disability or illness?

Keep in mind that healthcare programs from many private companies can only provide a compensation for your medical bills. Loss of income is not included in their coverage.

Haffner Law discusses some of the things you need to know about these legal matters.

Disability Insurance: Is it Necessary or Not?

This type of insurance policy can protect your future assets by covering a portion of your salary in case you are unable to work due to disabilities or illnesses. According to recent reports, at least one out of four employees experiences this unfortunate scenario at some point during their professional career.

Certain injuries resulting in disability can come from accidents on the job. There are also cases where employees acquired debilitating illnesses, such as stroke, and heart attack, due to the nature of their work. If you have disability insurance, you can reimburse a portion of your lost income while recovering from injuries and illnesses.

Filing Your Disability Insurance Claim

In Los Angeles, disability insurance lawyers have helped thousands of employees get the compensation they deserve from insurance companies. Filing a disability claim involves a lot of paperwork and other legal procedures. There are even cases where you might get denied by your provider. This is one of the reasons you should have an experienced lawyer by your side.

To file a claim, you need a medical certificate from a licensed physician. Your lawyer may also ask some documents that can be valuable for your case. These include your work attendance, subjective medical evidence, lab tests, pharmacy documentation, job description, and many more.

The amount you will receive depends on your monthly salary and the severity of your condition. Discuss these matters with your lawyer, so you would know your expectations.