When Do You Need An Environmental Consultant?

Couple in a Meeting with an Environmental Consultant

The world is shifting towards eco-friendly projects to save the earth from pollution and ultimate destruction. More and more states and local councils are coming up with legislation to ensure any project has no adverse effect on the surrounding.

Environmental consultants here in Auckland such as Cato Bolam Consultants have the knowledge to conduct thorough assessments to ensure your project complies with this legislation.

Whether as an individual or company here are a few instances, you may need an environmental consultant.

When Developing Property

As a developer, you need an environmental risk assessment carried out on any land before starting your project. This is to ensure your building plans meet state and local council environment regulations. The consultant may also make recommendations on how to make your building more eco-friendly.

These recommendations will not only save you on costs but also enhance efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

When Faced With Environmental Litigation

As a lawyer handling a matter of environmental litigation, you will need an environment expert to guide you through any issues that may arise. He or she will study the local environmental laws and assess if your client has contravened any of them. The consultant can also testify in court in your defence.

Before Commencing Community Projects

A community that wants to venture into mining needs an environmental consultant to do an environmental assessment. This is to ensure minimal land degradation from any mining activities. When constructing dams and ponds, you will need environmental permits and engineering designs to avoid costly pitfalls.

Whether as a corporate or individual client, you will need environmental consultants for one task or another. Apart from considering the number of years of experience and the right education, look for an expert who belongs to an institute or a professional body.

Getting a real bargain is important, but do not let cost be a determining factor. Before embarking on your project, get the views of an environmental consultant  and play an active role in making the world a better place.